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Aside from being a former Lin-ay sang Nergros finalist turned runner-up in the Mutya ng Pilipinas, the BacoleƱa is an only daughter of a wealthy couple in Bacolod City. Her father is a businessman who always stay in Metro Manila. The “star” is also one of the models of a cigarette brand in Western Visayas.
Image clip from of the famous sex scandal from Cagayan de oro city (students from Xavier University)

A nice 446 .DAT file , 44 minutes (want a hard copy?) ,just make request in the comment section

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Video capture unleashed from the recent sex scandal in Central Mindanao University in Musuan,Bukidnon.

Be carefull with your own recorded intimate moments.

A dressing room (also called a fitting room) in a clothing store is a small enclosure with mirrors where one can try on clothing privately. The purpose of a dressing room is for patrons to ensure that articles of clothing fit properly, and look good on them before committing to a purchase.
Oppsss!!! be careful when trying new clothes!! some one is watching..