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Japan Sex Education

Ibang style ng japon ahhh!!! baka gusto ninyong pa enroll…

Sex education, which begins in the third grade, has run into difficulties with parents who have protested the use of graphic material, the education ministry reported. Many conservative parents also argue that displaying condoms and other contraceptives in class is against Asian values and could promote early sexual activity.

Surveys indicate that Japanese girls now begin to menstruate at ages 10-12, at least two years earlier than their mothers. Of third-year high school students, 30 percent report they have experienced sex at least once, compared to two decades ago when sexual debut was most often at age 20.

In 2002, almost 50,000 abortions were recorded among Japanese age 20 and below, compared to 27,838 in 1994. Youths ages 10-19 comprised 29.8 percent of new chlamydia cases reported in 2002.

While intercourse can only be discussed in high school, 70 percent of primary students are already aware of the topic, according to research by Dr. Masako Kihara, a teacher at Kyoto University and pioneer of Japanese sex education. She recommends conducting periodic school surveys to assess students’ interest in sexual activity before developing a basic curriculum. A school nurse or counselor can then work with individual children to teach them based on their needs, she said.

A new sex symbol in the Philippines. Aubrey Miles is widely believed to be highly paid as an actress with Regal Films. Insider reports that circulated in the media stated that the actress was paid at least P2 million to as much as P6 million per film. Despite having a minor role in A Beautiful Life, Miles was paid P5.8 million, which was P3 million higher than what she received in Xerex.

Carefull ladies and watch out!!! someone is watching you from behind. Check out the garbage container before pissing.. (Taken from MRT public CR)

Security Camera

Another video capture from a security camera in the Divisoria Mall. Watch out girls baka kayo ang susunod ma publish dito!!!!

Britney Spears Nude

WHAT THE SPEARS WAS THIS ABOUT? – Hollywood’s most celebrated celebrity was found topless in her California home, looking dazed and confused.

THE PRINCESS DIARIES is a cool, comical Cinderella story that will touch your heart. For teenager Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway), just surviving each school day is an adventure. Then the shocking news arrives that she’s a real-life princess! So begins a comical transformation towards poise and princess-ness, including a media storm, jealous schoolmates, and a plot to take over her country.

Whewww!!! crush na crush ko pa naman sya!!!!

Real Name: Maureen Anne Rodriguez Taylor
Taylor was born in Brighton, East Sussex, England and was raised there until the age of six; the youngest of four children. Her mother Annette met her father, Ricardo Taylor, a landscape artist, while on vacation in Britain. She lived in London until her teens when she was sent to live in the Philippines by her parents. Aside from her mother’s longing to return to her homeland, her father insisted that she leave Britain with the rationale that she be raised with “Filipino values”. Her older sisters are also in the entertainment field with one being an opera singer for the London Opera House while the other a choreographer

An innocent looking young babe, but because of sobrang excitement hindi nya napansin na lumabas na pala ang bundok ni Eva.Oh kayo dyan mga girls ha…tsk,tsk,sk

Tired of routinary rumble on the sheets? Try the hardwood of your office desk. With a macho sweep of your arm, clear your work shrine of all undesirable office stuff and sit your lady love on it atop a couple of fluffy pillows, facing you with legs splayed. Your place would be on your swivel chair with your lips in line with hers (if you get the drift). While you’re busy, she could help out some more and slip her toes down to your thighs and give you a nice massage. Contact of all parts involved would probably free your mind of any other concerns – like the boss walking in.

Our sex prophet boldly predicts: Guys will soon dig girls with facial hair and girls will go crazy over man-boobs. Alas, there is only one way to stop it…I’ve been researching on a lot of things that I use for “magic” every now and then and I just could not resist publishing the interesting data I have found.Here’s a good one. Have you guys heard of the diving beetles?Diving beetles indulge in such strenuous, distressing sex that these insects have evolved into two different types of females, as well as unusual deviations among males, according to a new study. This is actually good data to compare our evolution as a species with. Let us take a look and see how many among us are deviating from our “conventional” gender preference. Homosexuality and bisexuality are highly debatable and controversial topics that I would like to discuss. I know, I know—a lot of you guys may be turned off but let us try and understand the reasons for such behaviors and characteristics and look at the bigger picture here.WHAT IFSWhen I took up Nursing, my professor taught me that homosexual behaviors could be caused by environmental reasons, imbalanced parental orientation, social ineptitude, hormonal imbalance, etc. Now, my newfound knowledge about the diving beetles just arose my curiosity: What if men and women in the Philippines turned gays and lesbians because of bad sex? I know a lot of you might react and say that’s absurd, but really, what if? Just a wild question I’m throwing at you.This discovery intensifies to the rising number of evidence that sexual difference between males and females influences evolution. In many cases, individuals over time acquire characteristics that are attractive to the opposite sex.For diving beetles, however, researchers believe females have attempted to evade the upsetting sex for so long that some have essentially evolved a feature that allows them to spurn most suitors.WORST-CASE SCENARIOThere are lesbians and gays among us, and soon lesbians will probably develop small penises and gay guys will probably develop their own clitoris or something. I mean, in terms of preferences it’s happening already! For example, some guys prefer girls who have a lot of hair, and maybe at some point they will prefer girls with facial hair. And girls—don’t laugh—will prefer guys with man-boobs because it’s sexy. C’mon, you know where I am getting at.Not to put too much pressure on you guys but if you see your partners developing “repulsive” characteristics in their physical attributes and she declines your sex invitations, that only means one thing: You should improve your performance, man!Good thing I’m bi!