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Featured filipina girl seek something specific to complete her life with innocence and purity in here eyes.She’s a daughter of a sexy filipina actress and TV hostess Rosanna Rocess

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Born. 2nd December 1981, Kentwood, Louisiana, USA. One of the last teenage superstars of the millennium, Spears enjoyed her breakthrough success at the end of 1998. She appeared in local dance revues and church choirs as a young girl, and at the age of eight auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club. Although she was too young to join the series, a producer on the show gave her an introduction to a New York agent. She subsequently spent three summers at the Professional Performing Arts School Center. She appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions as a child actor, including Ruthless (1991). She returned to the [ Walt ] Disney Channel for a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club, where she was featured for two years between the ages of 11 and 13. She began to audition for pop bands in the New York area, her demo tapes eventually landing on the desk of Jive Records’ Jeff Fenster. ”Her vocal ability and commercial appeal caught me right away,” he recalls. She was expensively groomed by Jive, who put her in the studio with Eric Foster White (producer and writer for Boyzone, Whitney Houston and others). They employed top R&B writer Max Martin (of Backstreet Boys fame) to produce her debut single, ”… Baby, One More Time”, and an album of the same title. They also set up a promotional free phone number where fans could listen to Spears’ music and interviews throughout the summer of 1998. She toured American venues for a series of concerts sponsored by US teen magazines, eventually joining ‘N Sync on tour. The careful planning paid off when her debut album and single went on to top the American charts at the start of 1999. The album and single enjoyed similar success in the UK and Europe. The ballad ”Sometimes” and the funky ”(You Drive Me) Crazy” were also substantial transatlantic hits. ”Born To Make You Happy” topped the UK charts in January 2000. The demand for new Spears material was satisfied when her sophomore set, Oops! … I Did It Again, was released in May. The album contained the expected quota of well-produced, expertly crafted pop songs alongside a risible cover version of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

The best-selling female performer of the 1990s, Mariah Carey rose to superstardom on the strength of her stunning five-octave voice; an elastic talent who moved easily from glossy ballads to hip-hop-inspired dance-pop, she earned frequent comparison to rivals Whitney Houston and Celine Dion , but did them both one better by composing all of her own material. Born in Long Island, NY, on March 27, 1970, Carey moved to New York City at the age of 17 — just one day after graduating high school — to pursue a music career; there she befriended keyboardist Ben Margulies , with whom she began writing songs. Her big break came as a backing vocalist on a studio session with dance-pop singer Brenda K. Starr , who handed Carey ‘s demo tape to Columbia Records head Tommy Mottola at a party. According to legend, Mottola listened to the tape in his limo while driving home that same evening, and was so immediately struck by Carey ‘s talent that he doubled back to the party to track her down.

After signing to Columbia, Carey entered the studio to begin work on her 1990 self-titled debut LP; the heavily promoted album was achart-topping smash, launching no less than four number one singles:”Vision of Love,””Love Takes Time,””Someday,”and”I Don’t Wanna Cry.”Her overnight success earned Grammy awards as Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist, and expectations were high for Carey ‘s follow-up, 1991’s Emotions . The album did not disappoint, as the title track reached number one — a record fifth consecutive chart-topper — while both”Can’t Let Go”and”Make It Happen”landed in the Top Five. Carey ‘s next release was 1992’s MTV Unplugged EP, which generated a number-one cover of the Jackson 5 ‘s”I’ll Be There”; featured on the track was backup singer Trey Lorenz , whose appearance immediately helped him land a recording contract of his own.

In June 1993, Carey wed Mottola — some two decades her senior — in a headline-grabbing ceremony; months later she released her third full-length effort, Music Box , her best-selling record to date. Two more singles,”Dreamlover”and”Hero,”reached the top spot on the charts. Carey ‘s first tour followed and was widely panned by critics; undaunted, she resurfaced in 1994 with a holiday release titled Merry Christmas , scoring a seasonal smash with”All I Want for Christmas Is You.”1995’s Daydream reflected a new artistic maturity; the first single,”Fantasy,”debuted at number one, making Carey the first female artist and just the second performer ever to accomplish the feat. The follow-up,”One Sweet Day”– a collaboration with Boyz II Men — repeated the trick, and remained lodged at the top of the charts for a record 16 weeks.

After separating from Mottola , Carey returned in 1997 with Butterfly , another staggering success and her most hip-hop-flavored recording to date. #1’s — a collection featuring her 13 previous chart-topping singles as well as”The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe),”a duet with Whitney Houston effectively pairing the two most successful female recording artists in pop history — followed late the next year. With”Heartbreaker,”the first single from her 1999 album Rainbow , Carey became the first artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s; the record also pushed her ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop the Hot 100 singles chart.

However, the 2000s weren’t as kind to Carey . After signing an 80 million dollar deal with Virgin — the biggest record contract ever — in 2001 she experienced a very public personal and professional meltdown that included rambling, suicidal messages on her website; an appearance on TRL where, clad only in a T-shirt, she handed out Popsicles to the audience; and last but not least, the stupendously awful movie Glitter and its attendant soundtrack (which was also her Virgin Records debut). Both the film and the album did poorly critically as well as commercially, with Glitter making just under 4 million dollars in its total U.S. gross and the soundtrack struggling to make gold sales. Following these failures, Virgin and Carey parted ways early in 2002, with the label paying her 28 million dollars. That spring, she found a new home with Island/Def Jam, where she set up her own label, MonarC Music. In December, she released her ninth album, Charmbracelet , which failed to become a success. Although she took nearly three years for a follow-up, Carey found a hit with 2005’s The Emancipation of Mimi, her most successful record in years.

One-half exotic Filipino filly, one-half stodgy old Britannia, and completely red hot and finger-licking good is the best way to describe Asian act-chest Maui Taylor. And that’s no typo: Maui’s wowees are a sight for sore eyes (and the cause of many sore members from too much tugging and loving).

Lovely young starlet Katya Santos practically grew up under the glare of camera lights, having started her modelling career when she was barely four years old.

“Nagsimula ako as model for Anchor Milk. Sinundan pa iyon ng iba. To date, I’ve done almost 30 commercials,” recalled Katya.

She went on to join “Ang TV” but televiewers remember her best as Carla, the “kontrabida” daughter of Maritoni Fernandez in what used to be a long-running weekly series “Anna Karenina.”
“Five years din ako sa ‘Anna Karenina.’ Nawala na ang mga kasamahan ko doon but I stayed on. Doon kami naging close ni Sunshine Dizon. Until now, we’re good friends,” said 20-year-old Katya.

True to her statement, she refused to give any negative comment about Sunshine, despite the naughty prodding of some reporters who tried to provoke her by telling supposedly revealing anecdotes about the latter.

Next year, Viva Films will launch Katya in the movie “Sukdulan” where she will have a little less than a dozen breast exposures, signalling her entry into the bold genre.

“Twenty years old na po ako ngayon at handa nang maging daring sa pelikula. Ilang ulit na akong inalok na maghubad sa pelikula but I was scared. Sixteen years pa lang ako noon. Tatlong pelikula na ang pinalampas ko; ang ‘Tatarin,’ ‘Balahibong Pusa’ at ang ‘Scorpio Nights 3’ na supposed to be a gagawin kung pumayag lang ako. Pero takot nga ako noong una.

I felt I wasn’t ready for it. Pero naisip ko ring kung hindi ko ito gagawin ngayon, kailan pa? Kung matanda na ako, wala nang mag-o-offer sa akin ng magagandang project. Baka pag-tanda ko’y pagsisihan ko ang ginawa kong pagtanggi. Sa simula’y urong-sulong ako kahit nakasagot na ako ng oo pero pumayag na rin ako sa wakas,” she smilingly confessed.

In “Sukdulan,” she has passionate scenes with Raymond Bagatsing whom she found “very helpful at very mabait” during their shoots.”Napaka-gentlemanly ni Raymond. Very protective siya sa akin. Pagkatapos ng aming eksena, siya pa ang nagko-cover agad sa akin, binibigyan ako ng tuwalya para matakpan ang breast ko.
Very meticulous din ang aming director na si Mac Alejandre.


Gwen Garci Scandal


Name: Gwen Garci
Real Name: Mai Lee Ang

Interesting Facts

– Filipino Chinese
– grew up in Baguio
– family owns a department store, a salon, and a spa, among other businesses



  • Woody Allen: In 1992 he left his long-term partner Mia Farrow after she discovered his secret affair with her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Farrow accused him of being a pedophile (she is 35 years his junior) and of abusing their seven-year-old daughter Dylan.
  • Hugh Grant: hired a prostitute and was subsequently arrested by Los Angeles police.
  • Michael Jackson: alleged to have engaged in sexual activities with a teenage boy in 1993 (a civil complaint that was settled out of court), and again with another one in 2003 (a felony complaint); in the latter case Jackson was arrested and released on bail. Jackson claims that there were never sexual activities, and defends nonsexual sleepovers as harmless.
  • George Michael: arrested in 1998 for “engaging in a lewd act” in a public restroom in a Beverly Hills city park.


Television personalities

Other public figures


Sex Scandal In the Philippines

We’ve all heard of them. Ethel Booba, Francine Prieto, Heart Evangelista, Piolo Pascual, Mahal, Richard Gutierrez and so many more have been the hapless victims of cellphone video scandals that have become a staple of Sunday showbiz news commentaries. They aren’t amused, to say the least, making flat out denials and stress that it’s absolutely none of our business.

Is it or is it not? When you join showbiz anything that you say or do becomes the business of the people watching you. Whether you like it or not, people will be looking at your every move, even on cellphones. Hence, actors should take extra care when they take videos of themselves, most especially in compromising situations such as sex. Case in point: Ethel Booba. The video she was in (yes, it was definitely 100% her) didn’t look like something she was coerced to be in. She wasn’t screaming “Rape!” nor “Saklolo!” nor was she handcuffed (although that would be interesting). Yet she cried foul and denied to death that it was a video of her and her boyfriend doing the nasty. Yet, how can she allow that video to be taken in the first place? Ignorance is bliss, but in Booba’s case it’s the opposite. She acted stupid and she’s paying for it big time. Hey Ethel, tell your basketball-brained boyfriend that next time he goes to Greenhills to have his cellphone repaired, THINK. Yes, Richard, you too.

he advertising industry had recently jumped into the bandwagon of pretentious morality. After the uproar these scandals had caused, calls for boycotting such shows as S-Files and The Buzz have been made to ‘teach’ them a lesson. But what about those days when they did advertise on these shows when the scandals were being aired? Who are the hypocrites now?

But the ones who are really at fault is the ever-righteous MTRCB, the so-called “guardians of broadcasted morality”. Apparently, these oldies were too busy munching on popcorn while Piolo Pascual was making his X-rated debut on television. They *should* have done something to control this disturbing trend before it turned into a monster as this. Just think of all the parents scrambling to cover their children’s eyes. What about those with 6 kids, they would need three arms each!

The subject of sex, violence and decency in the media is not to be taken lightly when you think about how our youth can be affected. Anything they see and hear becomes easily engrained in their minds. We’ve gotten numb hearing about kids in the news acting out their curiosities, albeit dangerously — pulling the trigger on others, burning their pets, ramming cars against trees. You name it, they’ve done it. All because of the unregulated trash they see on television.

The MTRCB should shape up or ship out ASAP. With the country’s current 2.3% population growth rate and extreme poverty, we don’t need our youth’s morals go crashing down the drain. Not now. Not ever.