Sex Black Mail

A common internet happenings, chatting and become lovers. Videotaping their sexual encounters inside motel rooms. Later she found out that her lover is married and with kids. He promised her that he would leave his family for her. She believed him and continued their affair, until she became tired of his broken promises. She wanted out of their relationship and did so. He threatened to release or sell vcds of their encounters to the public if she didn’t come back to him, and also pay him a huge amount of money for the original copies . He even emailed some of their sex scenes to her officemates causing her much shame. She decided to seek help from GMA-7’s (a local TV station in the Philippines) the law enforcement. They set up a sting operation outside a mall, and eventually nailed the guy.

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  1. tripper

    pre’pkisend naman sa’kin oh

  2. dohaboi

    ask lang po…nanalo ba ang babae sa kaso..cause it’s a public scandal…meron kasi akong problem tungkol dyan…one of my friend had my sex video w/ my gf..then he blackmailed me a lot and disturbed me so much..though after paying 100k pesos to him that he doesnt have any copy but i dont have any assurance to that…i want to revenge him….ok lang ba mag-file lang case that am a public scandal in the first place…what are the things i will to that i can get back my 100k pesos and he will pay me for the damages he made to me….tnx 4 d answer..if anybody can….plz i want to kill this person but i wont after i cant get back the money i paid and if he’ll not pay damages…

    tnx poh…or any lawyers can give me advice


  3. nhods

    pre, pwede pksnd ng video sa email add ko…

  4. rico

    The girl looks familiar..They’re both ILOCANO as you can tell on the way they say things while having sex. I think i know the girl. What happen to the case by the way?

  5. pong

    pa send naman ng video “sex black mail” na to or palitan na lang ng mga scandals tnx

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