How much do we earn from Pinoy Scandal Blog

Several emails we received asking how much do we earn from this blog and what kind of traffic we got. OK, we are not very secretive talking about numbers but we will reveal what is possible.

> Majority from earning per month comes from SEDO parking about 150-200 Euro/month, followed by Clicksor pop-ups ads around $100/month, and some portion from SearchFeed ($10-30/month) Chitika ($ 5/month) and Kontera ($ 20-30/month). “Our Google Adsense account was banned”

> Source of our Traffic comes most from Yahoo, and direct referrals.

>We got an average 40,000-50,000 unique visitors per month

Data from Google Analytics displaying Averarage daily page views and daily visitors and our alexa rank in daily reach per million:

Actual graphic presentation from Google Analytics together with the keywords from search engines (click on the picture for a larger size)

  1. J.J.


    how can you earn from SEDO parking? Do you have a domain name not in use? I can see here that you only use blogspot site only.

  2. grae

    Same question, as quoted from the Sedo parking About Us page ” makes it possible for you to make some profit out of undeveloped web space. “

    How do you get profit when you already have a developed website, don’t own the tld domain and havent parked the subdomain with Sedo…

  3. polis astig

    As you can see, in our links “Top Links” in the upper right corner.

    The links that point to the actual links below are pointing to our parked domain in SEDO, Considering our traffic of 105,000 per month

    -Pinay Confidential Files
    -Hollywood Naked Celebrities
    -Pinoy Nurses Recruitment Site for U.S.
    -FREE MP3/MP4 Downloads
    -FREE Web Designs

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