Heart Evangelista Sex Scandal

She is one of the most famous female celebrity in the Philippines, this video circulating around the internet was claimed to be Heart Evangelista.. Some say its a look alike, some says it was edited.

Just get your own copy by downloading the file in the link provided below. (you need Apple quicktime player to play the file)

Download Movie

  1. gethro

    plz provide me a copy…..

  2. Anonymous

    im just curious can u please send me the full video of heart scandal?

  3. Anonymous

    hey can you send me a video of this (ssoorandom@yahoo.com) thanks broski

  4. Anonymous

    im a fan of heart is that true?? can u send me pls,

  5. Anonymous

    send me a copy pls, i want to see it

  6. Anonymous

    can u provide me copy of heart evangelista sex acandal… im a fan of heart i wanna make sure if this is true.. thanks…

  7. Anonymous

    send me one too (the full one bro). ssoorandom@yahoo.com

  8. Anonymous

    may i have a copy also of heart evangelista scandal..i’m just curious…(airaelan@yahoo.com)

  9. faraashakhan

    will you pls send me a copy of this movie to download through MEGA SHARE—–thankyou

  10. carlo

    please send me a copy at carlodcms@yahoo.com. tnx!

  11. dranzxell

    pls.send me a copy of that video…thanks..

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