Ateneo De Davao Scandal

An alledge sex scandal from couples of Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) a private Catholic university founded administered by the by Jesuit priests in the island of Mindanao in the Philippines in 1948.

It was been claimed that the couple were BSC students of the school.

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  1. edward

    please provide me a copy. tnx

  2. edncastillo

    Giv me naman a copy.

  3. henry_potter

    please send me a copy of this..

  4. Anonymous

    can u please send me a copy for this scandal?

  5. _eRnie l. Balbuena

    pls. give me copy of this vedio.

  6. Anonymous

    send m dn skn ung video!

  7. Anonymous

    ako rin send me this video,,i luv to watch it…plz…

  8. Anonymous

    give me a copy of this video PLsssssssss…tnx

  9. davao guy

    the girl is an alumna of Ateneo de Davao University, she’s working at Honda ( Phil.) now, the one located at Cabaguio Street in Davao, her name is Sharon Payumo, this was taken at Queensland Motel in Davao, she’s an alumna of Stella Maris Academy too, ( catholic school all the way ), she had her cp repaired at a cp shop in Gaisano Mall, unknown to her, the technician tooka swipe at her files and made a copy, well, she did complainto the owner afterwards, even to the point of threatening the owner that she’s going to sue, well, she had no evidence, so, she just kept her mouth shut afterwards, lesson learned the hard way, How do i know,well, I know the girl involved.

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