Public Toilet Hidden Camera

Carefull ladies and watch out!!! someone is watching you from behind. Check out the garbage container before pissing.. (Taken from MRT public CR)

  1. The NutCracker

    Comments on this picture:
    1. How sure are you that this is really one of the MRT Station’s CR?

    2. Examine the pictures carefully, take note on the lighting… pansin nyo po na maliwag ung kuha, ibig sabihin maliban sa light source sa taas (ung ilaw sa ceiling) eh may light source din sa baba malapit dun sa “spycam”… by nature kung maglalagay tau ng “spycam” syempre nakatago ito, at naturally malabo or blurred ung kuha diba? pero bakit parang ang lilinaw nung kuha sa cam? Pansinin ung toilet, grabe ang refelction ng ilaw na galing sa baba, so ibig sabihin malakas ang ilaw galing sa baba… obviously kung may ilaw sa baba obvious na may cam…

    Kung ako natatanungin, sa paniniwala ko, alam ng mga subject na kinukunan sya… base sa angle ng ilaw, sa position ng cam, at sa lakas ng intensity ng ilaw, obvious na sinadya ung shot…

  2. lotus

    I don’t think this was taken in the public cubicles of the mrt. Try to examine the materials present inside the cubicle. those are far from the materials of the public cr’s of the mrt. Those materials definitely have more quality than the mrt’s.

  3. The NutCracker

    i’ve seen the complete set of these pictures… A frined sent it to me… sabi nga ng iba sa SM daw ito, sabi naman ng iba sa Robinsons at ung iba sa MRT…

    kung makikita nyo lng ung ibang pics, makikita nyo na ung isang lady ay gumamit ng “toilet seat” tissue (kung ano man ang tawag dun)… ung isang malaking paper towel na nilalagay sa toilet seat bago umupo… at unfortunately wla nun ang MRT or SM…

  4. sixtyiesman

    This picture was taken at a facility in Japan. The lady is Japanese and this same picture can be found in almost ANY Japanese Pron sites.

  5. edncastillo

    Can I have a copy pls.

  6. egg

    pwd po mkita ang whole pix ng lady na ito??

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