Pinoy Big Brother- Kimberly Sue Chiu stolen photo

Kimberly Sue Chiu, the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, may have shown the real her inside the Big Brother House. But for the people not subscribed to the 24/7 live internet feed from ABS-CBN Interactive, you might have missed some scenes.The picture above was captured by one of the subscribers of the 24/7 live feed and it shows Kim Chiu groping her breast while changing her clothes during bedtime. PBB Teen Kimberly Chiu’s scene made me regret in not subscribing to the live feed. Anymore screencap of Kimberly Chiu scandal? source

Except for the fact that she’s not an orphan, Kim has a sort of ‘Cinderella’ story. The teen who hails from Cebu, with her siblings, currently lives with her dad and his second family. Her parents separated when she was 9 years old. Her dad met her stepmom during a business trip in Vietnam. Kim’s dad got into a vehicular accident and her ‘tita’ took care of him there. When Kim was in her first year in high school, her mom had to suddenly leave for Hong Kong, so her dad and his new family took her and her siblings under their wing. “Wala naman akong magawa. Hindi na rin naming nagawang magalit. Kesa magtanim ka ng galit sa puso mo, tanggapin mo na lang.”

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