sex scandal of heart evangelista

Sex Scandal In the Philippines

We’ve all heard of them. Ethel Booba, Francine Prieto, Heart Evangelista, Piolo Pascual, Mahal, Richard Gutierrez and so many more have been the hapless victims of cellphone video scandals that have become a staple of Sunday showbiz news commentaries. They aren’t amused, to say the least, making flat out denials and stress that it’s absolutely none of our business.

Is it or is it not? When you join showbiz anything that you say or do becomes the business of the people watching you. Whether you like it or not, people will be looking at your every move, even on cellphones. Hence, actors should take extra care when they take videos of themselves, most especially in compromising situations such as sex. Case in point: Ethel Booba. The video she was in (yes, it was definitely 100% her) didn’t look like something she was coerced to be in. She wasn’t screaming “Rape!” nor “Saklolo!” nor was she handcuffed (although that would be interesting). Yet she cried foul and denied to death that it was a video of her and her boyfriend doing the nasty. Yet, how can she allow that video to be taken in the first place? Ignorance is bliss, but in Booba’s case it’s the opposite. She acted stupid and she’s paying for it big time. Hey Ethel, tell your basketball-brained boyfriend that next time he goes to Greenhills to have his cellphone repaired, THINK. Yes, Richard, you too.

he advertising industry had recently jumped into the bandwagon of pretentious morality. After the uproar these scandals had caused, calls for boycotting such shows as S-Files and The Buzz have been made to ‘teach’ them a lesson. But what about those days when they did advertise on these shows when the scandals were being aired? Who are the hypocrites now?

But the ones who are really at fault is the ever-righteous MTRCB, the so-called “guardians of broadcasted morality”. Apparently, these oldies were too busy munching on popcorn while Piolo Pascual was making his X-rated debut on television. They *should* have done something to control this disturbing trend before it turned into a monster as this. Just think of all the parents scrambling to cover their children’s eyes. What about those with 6 kids, they would need three arms each!

The subject of sex, violence and decency in the media is not to be taken lightly when you think about how our youth can be affected. Anything they see and hear becomes easily engrained in their minds. We’ve gotten numb hearing about kids in the news acting out their curiosities, albeit dangerously — pulling the trigger on others, burning their pets, ramming cars against trees. You name it, they’ve done it. All because of the unregulated trash they see on television.

The MTRCB should shape up or ship out ASAP. With the country’s current 2.3% population growth rate and extreme poverty, we don’t need our youth’s morals go crashing down the drain. Not now. Not ever.


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